important facts about chem

  • international leaders meet in discussion and talk about how they can stop chem

  • since 2011, chem is NOT allowed to enter argentina

  • chem once kicked a soccer ball at park but sinces hes extremely vulernable and gay it almost hit someone and he almost got beat up

  • Want to invest in Chem?

    After reading all these postive things about Chem, it is no wonder why you would want to invest in Chem. Chem is smart, intilligent, and a great leader.
    He has been both equally condemmed and praised by the international community for decades.

    Investing in Chem is easy!

    Thank you for your intrest in Chem! To invest in Chem you must find him.

    Chem lives near the Monkh Saridag in Mongolia. Fly from Los Angeles Airport to the Mongolian captial of Ulaanbaatar. Take advantage of biweekly flights to Ulaanbaatar and fly to Moron.
    Walk down east on the main street, turn north and then walk several blocks down. The black market may seem small at first but, when you walk in it is actually very spacious. This is where Chem conducts most of his business.
    In a large trench coat, Chem sits in slicence. Mongolian locals have accepted him and are protective of him from outsiders. Bribe them, and then talk to Chem.
    He will tell you how to invest.
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